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Type of Flight

Thermal Flight
Flight # 50
Aircraft ZK-GNI   G102 Club Astir IIIB   Glider   View Aircraft
Date Sat 16th Feb 2019
Notes Fist single seater flight. Type conversion into NI.
Tow to 3000 to give me time to fly. good 15-20kt crosswind. Touch aerotow due to turbulence. Lots of lift despite being a blue day. Thermaled to 4000' 3 times (once from 1800), hit 4600' before Carl summoned me down.
On circuit airspeed not settled, caused PIO from adjusting controls too much. two bounces on landing, pulled up and settled before landing long.
Launch Matamata   Aerotow   3000 feet AGL
Flight Cost $78.00 + $0.00 = $78.00
Charged at 0.00/min


Duration Total 1h 1m   =   1.02 hours   =   61 minutes
Pilot in Command1h 1m   =   1.02 hours   =   61 minutes
Solo1h 1m   =   1.02 hours   =   61 minutes