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Type of Flight

Thermal Flight
Flight # 52
Aircraft ZK-GSN   PW-5 "Smyk"   Glider   View Aircraft
Date Wed 6th Mar 2019
Notes First flight in SN. Type converted by Dave Dennison. Lots of lift about, aiming for 3000 tow but lift was awesome so off at 2500.
First thermal to 4500, second to 5500 and third to 6200 in first 30 min. Headed to start of Cambridge hills, then to Matamata town, Waharoa to north of the field and back several times. Had to force the aircraft down at the end of the flight, good hanger landing.
Epic flight.
Launch Matamata   Aerotow   2500 feet AGL
Altitude 6200 feet
Flight Cost $65.00 + $0.00 = $65.00
Charged at 0.00/min


Duration Total 3h 21m   =   3.35 hours   =   201 minutes
Pilot in Command3h 21m   =   3.35 hours   =   201 minutes
Solo3h 21m   =   3.35 hours   =   201 minutes